Meet our Interpreting Booking Coordinator: Jack Glass

  • 04/03/2019
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Meet our Interpreting Booking Coordinator: Jack Glass

Jack Glass joined Vandu Languages as a Booking Coordinator in November 2022, around the same time Renée became part of the team.

Many of our interpreters and customers regularly engage with Jack and the rest of the booking team via email or phone, but rarely do they get to meet them outside a professional environment. 

That’s why, in our "Meet the Team" series, we aim to reveal the people behind Vandu’s desks and share with our community the paths and experiences that led them to their current roles.


Early Years and Career

Jack was born in Kingston upon Thames, a town in southwest London, where he spent the first few years of his life with his parents until they moved to Ringmer, a busy village northeast of Lewes, to pursue their desire to live in the countryside.

In 2019, he moved to Cornwall to study History at the University of Exeter. Upon graduation, Jack followed his interest in historical knowledge by working as a tour guide at Firle Place, the home of the Gage family. 

Firle Place hosts an extensive collection of paintings, porcelain, and furniture and holds additional historical relevance due to its role in the two World Wars of the 20th century. Jack’s role involved sharing his knowledge and important facts with visitors during the summer holidays.


Hobbies and Interests

“I love football, I love sports [...] I love music, I’ve been in bands, I’ve played guitar and bass” commented Jack.

He has been playing the guitar since he was nine years old. During his time at university, he wanted to pursue his passion for music more seriously, joining a few bands to gain exposure and experience. However, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, preventing him from continuing this path.

Currently, his particular musical interest is classical Spanish guitar, but he has experience playing a variety of musical genres, including rock and metal.


Role at Vandu Languages

As a member of the interpreting booking desk, Jack's responsibilities include arranging bookings, ensuring interpreters know their schedules and venues, and liaising with clients.

“Probably the most challenging thing is the periods when it gets super, super busy” says Jack. 

He shared that summer can be a hectic season for the booking team: 

“Usually there is a flow to your workday. [It can be] really busy and then you get 10 minutes to regain yourself, but in the summer it can be nonstop all day”. 

Jack also shared insights on the challenges of ensuring the quality of interpreting services. His job involves ensuring that interpreters adhere to rules, are punctual, and deliver good customer service.

One of the things Jack enjoys most about his role at Vandu is the team he works with and the balance between friendship and work they maintain.

“I love my colleagues” shared Jack, “We get along really, really well [...] It’s gotten to that stage now that we can have a laugh and joke, but we can also be honest and be like ‘come on, time to do some more work’”.

He also appreciates the diversity within the team, which has allowed him to learn more about his colleagues' backgrounds and cultures:

“It [has been] really interesting meeting them, especially Emília and Sasha being from other countries, other cultures [...] I’m always asking them questions about their lives as I find it really interesting”.


About Vandu Languages

Vandu Languages was founded in 1999, offering translation, interpreting, and health and social care bilingual advocacy services in Southeast England.

Today, Vandu Languages provides interpreters for thousands of appointments for various clients across the UK. Our caring, attentive, and knowledgeable office team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

If you'd like to hear more, please give us a call at 01273 473986 or email


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