The role of a Booking Coordinator: Renée Bo-Yee

  • 04/03/2019
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The role of a Booking Coordinator: Renée Bo-Yee

Renée Bo-Yee is one of our Booking Coordinators at Vandu Languages. In this role, she takes on significant responsibilities, ensuring a seamless connection between our clients and linguists. Her day-to-day tasks encompass the coordination of booking times, dates, and formats, all to achieve the perfect match for each request.

Booking Coordinators are crucial for Vandu Languages, they must have excellent listening and communication skills, thrive under pressure in a fast-paced environment, and show empathy towards our customers.

If you've had the pleasure of interacting with our team, chances are you've already corresponded with Renée, either through email or over the phone. In this article, we aim to provide a more personal glimpse into Renée's background, interests, and daily activities.

Born in Hong Kong, Renée was raised by her Chinese mother and English father in the UK. "It's nice growing up with two cultures that are quite different," remarks Renée. While she spends more time in the UK than in Hong Kong, Renée shared that she visits China every couple of years, often celebrating Christmas with her grandmother, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Renée studied Fashion in London, but her professional experience spans diverse industries, including food and commerce. She attributes her attraction to a variety of professional roles as the driving force behind her decision to join the Vandu team. "I was interested in doing something a bit different," she commented. 


Hobbies and Interests
Outside of the office, Renée enjoys leisurely walks and drawing, a skill she has cultivated for several years. Furthermore, she is a staunch advocate for addressing pressing environmental issues. "It's probably the most worrying thing that I think about," she says. She incorporates eco-friendly practices into her daily routine, including adopting a meat-free diet and researching environmentally responsible methods of disposing of used products.


Role at Vandu Languages
As a Booking Coordinator, Renée employs a flexible approach tailored to the specific needs of each client. She plays an important role in matching clients with the right linguists, emphasising the importance of clear communication in understanding individual requirements. 

With a year of experience on our Booking Team, Renée is well-equipped to share the two fundamental principles that guide her daily interactions with clients:

1. Identify the client's specific needs.
2. Determine the best possible way to assist them.

These principles serve as the cornerstone for delivering high-quality language services. When Renée identifies a client's needs, she takes prompt action, contacting the most suitable linguist for the task at hand. Her role can be particularly challenging when booking interpreters for rare languages, given the limited pool of qualified linguists. Nevertheless, Renée finds these challenges gratifying: "I really like helping people, especially when it's a difficult language” she elucidates. 

Renée also finds great satisfaction in receiving positive comments from the organisations and businesses we collaborate with. She remarks, “It’s really nice when we get good feedback from service providers. They say things like ‘Oh, this interpreter really helped us a lot’. It’s really nice to hear that kind of thing”. These comments provide a strong sense of accomplishment and motivate her to continue her dedication to the role.

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