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A professional language interpreter allows you to converse directly and fluently, as if no language barrier existed. But actually, there’s more to interpreting than just converting spoken words.
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Bilingual advocacy allows people who can’t yet understand English to make informed decisions about their health and social care. Our fully trained interpreters will act on their behalf.
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Using a professional translator shows you mean business. It removes the risk of costly mistakes. Vandu Language Services are a professional translation agency based in Sussex with a global reach.
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Our sister company, Diversity Resource International, provide high quality training across a multitude of different fields within business and leadership in both the UK and Africa – click on the link below and visit the site
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About Us

Vandu Languages

Interpreting and translation agency, based in Sussex. cross cultural communication made easy

Communicating across cultures can be tricky, but in today’s global marketplace it’s not only an essential communication service but a business opportunity. Vandu Languages can bridge the language gap for you. We provide cost-effective, culturally intelligent language solutions in Sussex. 

Our team of professional interpreters and trained translators can make you easily understood with clear, word perfect accuracy in over 100 different languages - often at short notice. Some of our most popular languages in the world include: Arabic,  Kurdish, Polish, Russian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese, French, Portuguese and many more.

Here’s how we can help:
  • Interpreting services –  Professional and qualified interpreters can help you and your organisation to communicate with those who speak other languages across face-to-face and digital communications. Our interpreters are all highly experienced, qualified and fully vetted professionals, so the quality of their work is assured.
  • Translation Services - We provide creative, accurate translation of all written material, from document translation and certificated translation to website translation services. This includes legal, financial, medical and technical translation services.
  • Cross-Cultural Training & Advice - We specialise in cross-cultural training that helps people overcome cultural challenges in work, or in life, when interacting with others whose culture, values and beliefs we are not similar. Essential for our private and public customers.
  • Bilingual advocacy services -  is an interim service that helps those that do not speak English to access the services they need and empowers individuals to make informed decisions about health and social care, business or personal decisions. 

Vandu Languages can help you communicate effectively without borders.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs on 01273 473986, email info@vandu.co.uk, or make a booking now using our secure customer logins.


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Trained interpreters

Join our database straightaway and start receiving interpreting appointments from VLS

  • Send your CV, interpreting qualifications, DBS certificate online
  • Receive face to face and telephone interpreting jobs as soon as your verified
  • Great rates for local interpreters
  • Help your local community
  • Take appointments whenever it suits you – make interpreting work for you.

Level 3 Community Interpreting Course

Not qualified to be an interpreter yet? We run the training course several times a year!

  • Learn how to be a qualified interpreter in 3 months
  • Once you’re qualified, you’ll be put straight on to our freelancer database
  • Work with any interpreting agency in the UK
  • Earn around double the average hourly rate in the UK with VLS
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