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Break through the language barrier

Professional language interpreting is the only way to clearly communicate across different languages instantly and efficiently. At Vandu, we ensure that all our language interpreters are qualified, background checked and experienced. This means you can be sure that your discussions are comprehensive, confidential and that nothing lost in translation.

Vandu has have been providing language interpreting services in Sussex and the rest of the UK for over 20 years for our business and individual clients. We work with public service providers such as the National Health Service (NHS), West Sussex County Council, East Sussex County Council, Brighton & Hove Council, as well as private ventures such as the Eurotunnel Group, Higgidy, Barfoots of Botley to name a few.

At Vandu Languages, we have a deep, 20-year passion for community interpreting. Community interpreting enables individuals or groups in society who do not speak the official business global language of English a key global business language, to access local and government services including healthcare and education services. Vandu feels a responsibility to bring equality to our communities by helping our clients to communicate with the service providers. Community interpreting is often the first step in our clients finding their feet here in the UK or resolving a particularly issue they may have. Our interpreting services facilitate understanding and clear communication for both our clients and service providers, whatever the situation.


Why is interpreting so important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a rise in online video communication including Zoom calls, Microsoft Team meetings, interpreting over Skype and Whatsapp communication. Video and telephone interpreting services are now becoming more popular so clients need a reliable interpreting organisation for planned and on-demand interpreting.

A professional interpreter makes it easy to have an accurate, authentic and smooth conversation with between people who doesn't speak the same language. The risk of culturally sensitive information not being communicated or important words being mistranslated is higher in video or telephone interpreting so an experienced interpreter is essential.

All of our interpreters are professionally qualified and many have further business qualifications and specialised industry skills, so you can be confident in their abilities.


How interpreting is done at Vandu Languages?

Booking an interpreter is a quick and easy process. Once you have expressed your interpreting needs we will assign the interpreter that is most suited to you. Our online Interpreting Management Platform allows you to you confidently manage the entire process at the click of a button yourself for on-demand interpreting services (click here to join). Alternatively, our friendly and attentive customer service team is always at hand to advise and help you manage your interpreting needs from start to finish.


If you are new to interpreting, please contact us now to find out how we can help you or to request your first quotation click below to book an Interpreter.





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Type of interpreting we provide:


Community Interpreting

Interpreting for the local community is one of the most socially responsible offerings at Vandu. Our interpreters are on hand to assist community service organisations in their interpreting needs and we also provide an Advocacy service for individuals in the community.  Our community interpreters and Advocates are qualified, professionally trained and experienced in dealing with a myriad of sensitive scenarios. We aim to provide a safe, confidential and supportive service.

Find out more about our Advocacy services.  

Conference Interpreting

If you need important information communicated quickly and clearly, we have skilled interpreters in over 100 foreign languages that are highly professional and trained for conference interpreting. These include the top 5 business languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese and French.

Video Interpreting

Video interpreting provides a great alternative when on-site interpreting is not possible. All our clients have access to our responsive online booking system to book and manage all their interpreting needs and gain access to instant video interpreting for professional business services such as financial, medical, courtroom interpreting, international business meetings and more. We also provide recorded video interpreting for media or film.

Telephone/remote interpreting

On-demand telephone or remote telephone interpreting is a useful tool if you only require a short interval conversation with your client. As with video interpreting, telephone interpreting helps to effectively articulate your message and communication objectives verbally.  With minimal details, our efficient interpreting support platform and quick turnaround time can have you quickly connected with a trained interpreter, often in less than 10 seconds.

You can download our Remote interpreting app for iOS and Android. Once you have a login and password, you can instantly connect with interpreters a the touch of a button and partake in your scheduled remote interpreting appointments.


If you’d like to get a quote or find out more, call us on 01273 473986 or request an interpreter.

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