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Break through the language barrier

Professional language interpreting is the only way to clearly communicate across different languages instantly. All our language interpreters are qualified, background checked and experienced so you can be sure that your discussions are comprehensive, and nothing is lost in translation.

VLS have been providing our language interpreting services in Sussex and the rest of the UK for over 20 years for the private and public sector, working with organisations such as the NHS, West Sussex County Council, East Sussex County Council, Brighton & Hove Council, as well as private ventures such as the Eurotunnel Group, Higgidy, Barfoots of Botley and many more.





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Type of interpreting we provide:


Video Interpreting

We now provide Video Interpreting via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and any other platform you require. Video interpreting provides a great alternative when Face to Face interpreting is not possible, here's why:

  • it's easy and convenient to use.
  • you can attend from anywhere at any time.
  • it's cost effective as there are no travel expenses.
  • it's sustainable and evironmentally friendly.
  • you still get the same high quality interpreting.

We can set it up for you and all you have to do is click on the link we send you. If you require this service, please email us with the details of the appointment at

Community Interpreting

Interpreting for the local community is one of the most important things we do at VLS. Interpreters provide the vital link between minority communities to the local community at large, and is the first step in creating a stronger, cumulative collective. Our interpreters are trained and experienced in dealing with the myriad of scenarios found in community interpreting in a safe, competent and supportive manner. You can use our online booking system or contact us to arrange a community interpreting session.

Conference Interpreting

Do you require simultaneous interpreting at meetings or conferences? Your clients need important information communicated to them quickly and clearly, and we have interpreters who are capable of this difficult skill and are highly professional in such settings. Please call us on 01273 473986 or email if you would like to book or hear more about simultaneous interpreting.

Telephone/remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is an incredibly useful tool if you only require a short conversation with your client, or if the foreign language speaker is too far away to visit yourself. All we require is your contact details, and we can conference you into one call with a trained interpreter on the phone, ready to help you in any situation. Please use our online booking system or contact us to arrange a telephone interpreting session.