Linguistic knowledge

  • 04/03/2019
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We go to great lengths to match your client with the right interpreter. It means that the people we work with go from strength to strength and the whole community  benefits.

Millie Kerr, Team Leader at Gatwick Childrens Services told us;

“When we are looking for interpreters, it is not just about looking for someone who speaks the language.  When we are speaking to young people or trying to get a bit of the picture of the language they speak, we try and ensure we get the right dialect.  From the closest we can to the region where that young person comes from.

Linguistic knowledge is another of the ways in which we aim to differentiate our services; by being meticulous and identfying the exact requirments of our customers.

Millie added,  “...we value the work of Vandu so much and their trained interpreters and translators, that they know what we are looking for.  And if we say we want somebody from this region, with this dialect, they will do their utmost to find that person for us.

And that’s how fine-tuned our service has been with Vandu and how well we work together now.”



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