Cultural Competency: A Crucial Skill in Today's Global Workplace

  • 04/03/2019
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Cultural Competency: A Crucial Skill in Today's Global Workplace

In various contexts, you may have encountered the term 'globalised society.' What does this concept truly entail, and how does it relate to 'Cultural Competency'? Moreover, how does it impact both public and private sector industries, and why should you be aware of it?


What is Cultural Competency?

Cultural Competency is a skill set that enables individuals to establish positive interactions and effective communication with people from diverse cultures. Also known as intercultural competency, it includes self-awareness of one's own culture and an understanding of how others perceive it.

Unlike ‘tolerance’, cultural competency is not about overlooking or ignoring cultural differences. Instead, it involves a conscious effort to acknowledge these differences, leveraging this awareness to identify inequalities and potential mistreatments, and creating a safe environment where cultural diversity can thrive.


Living in a Globalised Society: Understanding its Implications

Increased flexibility in work arrangements, including widespread work-from-home practices, has opened the doors for professionals from different countries to contribute to the workforce of nations other than their own. This shift has given rise to culturally diverse teams that must collaborate effectively.

However, technology is not the sole driver of globalisation. Over the past few decades, advancements in transportation have facilitated travel and migration, contributing to the presence of ethnic minorities in various countries.

In the evolving landscape of the workforce, the influx of young professionals in the 2020s marks a generation who will be accustomed to collaborating with colleagues hailing from diverse corners of the globe. 

This paradigm shift is not exclusive to the younger demographic; seasoned professionals must also recognise that cultural competency has transitioned from a beneficial attribute to an indispensable skill set, especially in culturally diverse societies like the UK.


Cultural Competency Training

Recognising cultural competency as an essential skill, it is imperative for both employers and employees across diverse industries to actively acquire and cultivate this proficiency.

Inclusive practices extend beyond the mere diversification of a workforce for cosmetic reasons; genuine inclusivity involves comprehending the challenges faced by ethnically diverse employees and customers during their interactions with an organisation.

Crucially, the active participation of corporate leaders and executives in cultural competency training stands as a necessity. By joining these sessions, leaders demonstrate a proactive approach, cultivating an organisational ethos that acknowledges the importance of understanding different cultural perspectives.

Armed with this understanding, decision-makers can adeptly identify and dismantle barriers, implementing inclusive strategies tailored to their unique organisational context and impacting business development. 


Elevate Your Cultural Competency with Vandu Languages

At Vandu Languages, our commitment extends beyond linguistic solutions; we are guided by a team of trainers specialising in delivering tailored cultural competency workshops.

Our Cultural Competency Workshop is about making sure you and your colleagues are effective communicators regardless of the ethnicity of the person you're communicating with. We consider bias, present case studies and look at models for cross-cultural communication.

This workshop is adaptable to three distinct organisational levels: Executive, Management, and Front-line Staff. Each session is crafted with precision, guaranteeing that participants depart with heightened confidence in their cross-cultural communication skills compared to their initial entry. 


Learning Objectives

• Increased self-confidence in unfamiliar situations
• Greater intercultural awareness and sensitivity
• Better use of communication as a bridge-builder
• Increased ability to solve problems and resolve cross-cultural misunderstandings
• Greater empathy with those from different cultures


Choose your Setting

This training is available as a half-day workshop, delivered either remotely or in person, catering to the unique needs of your team. Sessions are thoughtfully designed for 12 participants.


Enquire Today!

For detailed information on enrollment and associated costs, kindly reach out to us at 


Join the Conversation at Our Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference stands as the pinnacle event in our calendar—a gathering that aspires to bring together a diverse community of valued customers, associates, staff, statutory and local organisations, universities, and community members. 

This year, we teamed up with Diversity Resource International (DRI), uniting leaders in the field of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) to take part as guest speakers in our event. 

EDI represents an organisational framework dedicated to encouraging fair treatment and complete participation for all individuals. While EDI has become a standard practice for numerous UK organisations, it has faced great criticism. 

Our event aims to discuss the shortcomings of EDI and propose effective strategies for improvement.

Seize this excellent opportunity to not only absorb the insights of experts, community members, and professionals but also to actively contribute your own opinions. Your collaboration has the potential to be the next crucial stepping stone toward fostering a more understanding society.

Event Details

Date: March 6th, 2024
Time: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Venue: Lewes Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, BN7 2QS
Entry: Free (Confirm your attendance on Eventbrite, your confirmation will contribute to a well-prepared event). 

Extend this invitation within your network, and contribute your thoughts and insights about EDI training and Cultural Competency in our social media channels

For any questions or further information, please reach out to 

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