A University Lecturer in India Implements Innovative Approach to Translation

  • Monday, 21/04/2025
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A University Lecturer in India Implements Innovative Approach to Translation

Professor Mrinmoy Pramanick, a lecturer in Comparative Indian Language and Literature at the University of Calcutta, has garnered local media attention for his innovative approach to teaching translation techniques.  

In recognition of his outstanding translation of Sharankumar Limbale's work in Marathi, "Dalit Sahityache Soundaryashstra" (meaning "The Aesthetics of Dalit Literature"), into Bengali, Professor Pramanick was recently awarded the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize 2023.

Professor Pramanick's teaching approach involves implementing a modern translation technique known as collaborative translation. This method allows students to produce high-quality translations by working together on a single text.

Through this method, his students have successfully translated to Bengali a collection of interviews of Sharankumar Limbale, the autobiography of Siddalingaiah and a collection of poems by Kynpham Singh Nongkynrih from the Marathi, Kannada and Khasi languages, respectively. 

Professor Pramanick elaborated on the uniqueness of his approach, stating:

"Collaborative translation is practised in many places across the world, but it is not very common, certainly not in India. [...] Each student comments on the other's translation. It is quite unique."

This teaching technique has proven successful for several reasons: firstly, students engage in hands-on practice as part of their learning, gaining valuable experience for their future careers; secondly, they cultivate a culture of teamwork and collaborative effort, acquiring both transferable and technical skills; and lastly, they interact with literary works more deeply than they would otherwise.

Professor Pramanick emphasizes that collaborative translation fosters a more interactive learning environment.

“It is a participatory teaching-learning approach” he explains “which empowers students by sharing authority instead of retaining it solely with the teacher”.



This information was compiled from the English-language Indian newspaper, The Hindu. Professor Pramanick recently expressed his gratitude to this publication on Twitter by commenting “It feels different! It feels so encouraging!”.

His students have published some of their translations and are actively seeking funding to publish more, thereby expanding the availability of resources in various languages, including those of Dalit literature.

We would like to extend our best wishes for a happy Dalit History Month to all those who celebrate!


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