Everyone has a story to tell

  • Friday, 31/12/2021
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Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

The world is becoming more interconnected, and the UK is becoming a more diverse and multicultural society. However, when we look at Brexit, COVID-19, and the Black Lives Matters movement, we see there are still divisions and even discrimination amongst people. This is often due to a lack of education, empathy, and understanding between different cultures and/or ethnic groups.

That’s why Vandu Languages and Diversity Resource International (DRI) have decided to launch a campaign with the aim of educating and inspiring others through conversation. By sharing the stories from our culturally and ethnically diverse communities in and around East Sussex, we hope we can educate, inspire, influence and relate to all those who listen or read these stories and encourage others to share their stories too.

This month, we’re launching a new series of blog-style stories to learn about the experiences of individuals who have either immigrated to the United Kingdom or were born here but have ancestral roots from another country.

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Here is how you can share your story

We would love to hear your story. Let us know about your heritage, your languages, foods, music, journey or any other cultural traditions or experiences you celebrate.  

We have some questions below which you can complete on a word document (around 300-500 words)  and submit to us or if you prefer, you can send us an audio or video recording (no longer than 20mins) to Please include a photo that you would like us to share with your story.


1. Tell us a little about your background. Have you moved to the UK from another country or were your parents or ancestors from another country?

2. What language do your parents or ancestors speak? Do you speak the same language? And if you have children, have you taught them to speak it?

3. Do you keep up with the cultural traditions of your parents or ancestors? For example, is your heritage food or music a part of your life today? Let us know whether or not you feel it’s important to keep these traditions, or whether they have changed to fit in with your life. 


We look forward to hearing your story!